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Treviso Hotels - Hotel Villa Abbazia Treviso, a delightful trip through Treviso green hills.

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Alberghi Treviso: Villa Abbazia, Hotel dei Chiostri

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Treviso rooms
12 double rooms
+ 6 suite
Treviso facilities
Trip on the river Brenta
Treviso airport
Venice, Marco Polo:
75 km to Treviso
Treviso railway station
20 km to Treviso

Travelling Around Italy> Hotel Villa Abazia, Treviso, Italy

Treviso Romantic Hotels - Hotel Villa Abbazia
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Treviso Charme Hotels: Everything is cosy, flowery and special at Hotel Villa Abbazia.

A charming environment set in a beautiful, natural location in the historic centre of Follina, a lovely town in the Venetian hills in the heart of an area dotted with wine cellars which jealously conserve thousands of rare bottles of Valdobbiadene Prosecco and the winemaking techniques handed down from generation to generation.

The 17th century building houses 14 rooms and shared areas while the Liberty annex from the end of the 1900s contains 4 independent suites.

The greatest attraction of Hotel Villa Abbazia, is the original design that characterizes each room.

Moreover, the rooms, bright and wide, have all comfort, some have private terrace, others have the view on the adjacent monastery while others are towards the nice flowered garden.

Among Romantic Hotels of Treviso and Veneto, Villa Abbazia is the ideal for those who love the country without giving up a sightseeing of the most romantic city all over the world, Venice , and of Dolomites jewel, Cortina.

The hotel restaurant La Corte is first class, offering traditional Venetian flavours in an extremely elegant setting surrounded by trompe l'oeil frescoes and soft lighting.

The warm atmosphere of Villa Abbazia makes the stay at these places magic, for the comfortable welcome of one of the most beautiful luxury hotels of Treviso and Veneto .


Hotel Villa Abbazia | Locality Treviso | Tel: + 39 0438 971277 - Fax: + 39 0438 970001 |